Ouchy Feet

Why do my heels hurt?

“Doctor when I get up after sitting I have significant pain along the bottom of my heel” or “My heel hurts after I’ve been standing or walking, I’ve tried putting heel cushions in my shoe but it still hurts…” Sound familiar? Heel pain is a very common complaint, unfortunately according to the American Podiatric Association […]

What can be done about chronic in-grown toenails?

You’ve had them, your parents had them, and now your kids have them……. That’s right, in-grown toenails are a hereditary hindrance! They cause pain and infection, and can require significant maintenance. In-grown toenails can also be caused by wearing shoes which are too tight, or can form as a result of certain deformities (such as […]

Children & Adolescents

Children are special patients who are treated with TLC at Tri-State Foot and Ankle Center. Some common conditions affecting children include ingrown toenails warts juvenile bunions heel pain or apophysitis pain from flat feet shin splints coalitions in-toeing or out-toeing sprains, fractures & sports injuries Many conditions can be treated using painless, non-surgical methods. Minor […]

IFYF – Info For Your Feet

  Hello from Drs. Gruber and Hudak. A lot of people don’t know very much about their feet even though your feet support your entire body weight most of the time when you’re awake. So to start educating people more about their feet, we though we should start off with some basic “Feet Facts”, then […]

Ouchy Feet