Get Your Feet Ready for Back to School

Back to School is a tough time for many families. Especially when you have kids or even parents involved in sporting or other after school activities like Cheerleading, Marching Band, Drill Team/Color Guard even coaching. Make sure your feet and ankles didn’t take too much of a summer vacation or you could end up with […]


Don’t Let Sore Feet Trip Up Your Travel Plans

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, whether you fly, drive, or take a train, there’s one other mode of transportation you’ll almost certainly use on your trip: your feet. During the course of a regular day, the average person walks 8,000-10,000 steps a day, but that number can increase dramatically when you’re travelling.  From […]

People have asked us why don’t we have any comments or feedback from our patients so others could read about their experiences with us. We’re just getting this page started so if you know of anyone who has been taken care of by Drs. Gruber and Hudak, please ask them if they would like to post a comment on our website. All you need to do is go to our Contact US page and complete the form at the bottom of the page. We’ll review it and set it up to have it posted right here for everyone to read.

MJ – Tendon Patient

Dr. Harold Gruber worked wonders during surgery on my trashed tendons. The pain finally became terrible beforehand and I had a hard time walking on the foot. Dr. Sandra Hudak also worked with me originally and helped quite a bit. Dr. Gruber performed the surgery because his office was closer to my home for any follow-up appointments.

The day after surgery I could tell and feel the relief. The original pain was gone. After about 7 weeks I was weight bearing on the foot and it felt great. I had a few questions before and after the surgery and Dr. Gruber was always available at any time. He was very helpful to a “sort-of” compliant patient. The staff was always friendly both on the phone and at my follow-up visits. They made this ordeal very bearable for me.

Smaller medical offices like Tri-State Foot & Ankle Center know how to treat their patients. They treat their patients not as a number but as a person and take the time, no matter how many questions you have, to answer them so that you feel and are comfortable with your procedure.

Thanks so much to Tri-State Foot & Ankle Center’s staff for making this truly easy and painless. I recommend anyone who needs a great podiatrist to give Tri-State Foot & Ankle Center a call and get in there. You will not be sorry you did.

Thanks guys!! Awesome. I would recommend you to anyone and I will!


What is that bump on the side of my foot? It’s a Bunion!

One of the more common complaints seen in a podiatric surgical practice are bunions.  Bunions are those annoying “bumps” seen along the side of your foot.  Patients will generally experience pain over the bump with certain shoes or with increased activities such as running or walking.  In addition they may also indicate that their big […]


Why do my heels hurt?

“Doctor when I get up after sitting I have significant pain along the bottom of my heel” or “My heel hurts after I’ve been standing or walking, I’ve tried putting heel cushions in my shoe but it still hurts…” Sound familiar? Heel pain is a very common complaint, unfortunately according to the American Podiatric Association […]

Sore and Achy Feet

What can be done about chronic in-grown toenails?

You’ve had them, your parents had them, and now your kids have them……. That’s right, in-grown toenails are a hereditary hindrance! They cause pain and infection, and can require significant maintenance. In-grown toenails can also be caused by wearing shoes which are too tight, or can form as a result of certain deformities (such as […]

Children & Adolescents

Children are special patients who are treated with TLC at Tri-State Foot and Ankle Center. Some common conditions affecting children include ingrown toenails warts juvenile bunions heel pain or apophysitis pain from flat feet shin splints coalitions in-toeing or out-toeing sprains, fractures & sports injuries Many conditions can be treated using painless, non-surgical methods. Minor […]